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Star Wars: Rogue One is a forthcoming movie directed by the Gareth Edwards and written by Tony Gilroy and Chris Weitz. The John Knoll supervises the visual effects of the story. It may be the 1st separate Compendium film. The Star Wars cosmos sometime after the Revenge of Sith and before the original events of Star Wars, the story will focus on the Rebel spies group on one mission to steal the plans for the new weapon of Galactic Empire, Death Star. This movie will star Forest Whitaker, Jiang Wen, Alan Tudyk, Mads Mikkelsen, Donnie Yen, Ben Mendelsohn, Diego Luna and Felicity Jones.

Lucasfilm is the producer of this film and distributed by the Walt Disney Motion Pictures. This movie is expected to be released on 16th December 2016.

Jedha and Scarif
Jedha and Scarif are two prominent locations mentioned in the trailer of this film. Jedha is a small moon frosted desert, and it is a home for the first civilization to explore the nature of force. Jedha serves as a holy site one prolonged battle between scattered Rebels and Imperial Forces carries on in these timeworn streets.

Scarif is a beautiful planet and tropical paradise, but not for the military installation. This planet is constructed for the imperial war machine. The world in enclosed in impassable deflector armor and profoundly defended.

The official trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer #2 on Disney Video

Rogue One was promoted in June 2016 at the celebration event of Star Wars Europe III in London. An official poster was revealed during this event, and this poster depicts one battle on the Scarif (tropical planet) and Death Star impending large in the blue sky. A trailer was also unveiled for the audience of this event. This trailer got favorable reviews by critics. The trailer revealed Scarif and Jedha along with the entrance of a Darth Vader, reflected on the screen of the computer and accompanied by the breathing effects of sound.
The majority of critics praises the kinetic depiction of the battle sequences and warfare. They compare it to the 1979 War of Vietnam. The second trailer was available for the public, and it was unveiled during the Summer Olympics of 2016. It again received favorable reviews from media.

This film is a new epic adventure movie with amazing graphics and extraordinary things. A group of heroes band starts a mission to steal the plans to Death Star. It is an ultimate weapon for the destruction of the empire. The major event in this star war is to bring ordinary people together to do astonishing things. Along with being in theaters in December 2016, you will also be able download our Star Wars: Rogue One torrent here.

This film looks unique among all other movies of this series. Felicity Jones playing the role of Jyn Erso and she is putting her skills for a great cause. The Jyn is eager, defiant and impetuous to bring the battle to this Empire. She sued to work alone and finds a higher purpose for Rebel Alliance through a desperate mission. Diego Luna is playing the role of Cassian Andor who is a responsible officer. He can keep his head cool even under fire and complete his mission with limited resources. Ben Mendelsohn is playing the role of Weapons Director as Orson Krennic for Imperial Military. He is obsessed with the completion of Death Star project. He is a cruel, but brilliant man.

Another important character is Donnie Yen who is a skilled fighter and playing the role of Chirrut imwe. He lacks important force abilities and honed his entire body through mental and physical discipline. The Galen Erso played by theMads Mikkelsen is the father of Jyn who sent the transmission to Rebels about the Death Star testing. Jiang Wen is played the Baze Malbus and he is a freelance murderer and turned into one pragmatic soldier. Baze has one audacity that offers marked contrast to the spiritual centeredness of moral compass and best friend.
The Saw Gerreara played by the Forest Whitaker is a veteran of Clone Wars. This character was spread in the previous animated series of “The Clone Wars.” It is the most awaited movie with its fantastic storyline and graphics. You will be able to watch Star Wars: Rogue One online for free here in December 2016 so stay tuned with us.