One of our main priority is the privacy of our users and visitors. This Privacy policy is a list of the types of information our website users from our users when they access our site and how if any information is recorded as well. If you have any questions about our site please use the contact us page to send you questions our way. We don’t keep any records on our server, but we do use a couple standard methods to allow you to access our Torrents.

We use your standard log files to determine what browsers our users are using to access our hack tools, the number of clicks, and internet protocol addresses. The data is never saved, we only use it in a runtime environment, meaning that it is dumped out of the memory as soon as our users leave the site.

We use this information to ensure that our users are able to access all of our content. This allows us to develop safeguards based on different runtime solutions. We always make sure that our user’s data is completely secure and allow users to remain anonymous while using our site.
We hope that all of our users are able to use our torrents successfully. Please note that while it may be legal to modify your own devices in the United States if your country has any laws regarding the tampering of devices that are considered under lease, we are not responsible for any kind of monetary or legal damages you may incur. Enjoy our site!

We do not collect your email address and store it onto our servers unless you use the contact us form. Then we will keep a copy of the email address used in the contact us form to get back into touch with your regarding whatever you got a hold of us for. We do not keep your email address on our server, and if your address goes inactive for thirty days, it is deleted by our system. All information like this that is temporarily saved is placed onto our fully encrypted servers. We do not sell or solicit anyone’s email address and nor will we bother you with constant adds. All of our products on are free!

We do not use cookies on our site. If you follow the steps to use a private VPN, then you as a discrete user, will more than likely be trying to keep yourselves as anonymous as possible. We allow this as well, just keep in mind you must run your torrent download interface to ensure that the connections are forwarded to a hidden port.

If anyone imitating us asks you for any personal information or makes ou fill out some kind of agreement, please do not listen to them. Everything is free on our site and we would never use any personal information to help you get the best torrent downloads. We hope that people aren’t trying to sell a free product to you.