Our site is dedicated to bringing as many users as possible the best torrents possible! We sought out to create the best torrent website, with the most discrete directory on the internet! We found that there was a sore lack of private seeder servers that didn’t require you, the user, to create some account that could likely be tracked. Other torrent sites are public, but all too often, they contained obscene adds, their torrents were often infected with malware, or there were “copyright” trackers that would email your isp and result in accounts be threatened to have their internet suspended. The constant fear of using torrents because of these reasons caused us to want to create a new system that allows our users to bypass all those threats. Our security is top notch and so is our team We take our users privacy very seriously, unlike most other sites. And you don’t have to create any accounts.

The biggest issue with torrents now is the level that they are being tracked on through public channels. Where you once were able to use easy to access sources online, lawsuits and jail time have caused the most reliable sites to fade into oblivion. Our team has decided not to take the same bold approach that some other media giants took and ultimately lost at. Instead of allowing our torrents to be modified and redistributed, they can only be downloaded. This gives our users who are familiar with torrent user interfaces extreme ease of access and the speeds of torrent downloads. Because our users are redistributing the torrent, they are technically not committing any crimes. While the last “golden age” of torrents creators wanted an environment that benefited from sharing, we now know that this is why it is illegal to download torrents. You will automatically receive the benefit of the doubt in user rights while using torrents our way.

Our security team is absolutely top notch. In addition to being extremely well versed in how to keep their tracker systems anonymous, our security team is also exceptionally well versed in the United States intellectual patents and property rights acts and know exactly how to navigate our page to keep it out of the trouble of copyright infringements. Our stealthy approach keeps our users from ever actually doing anything they are not allowed to.

Our servers are some the best in the business to boot. All our files are completely encrypted, so no source can accidently obtain them! This also keeps all of our talents out of access from would-be hackers that may wish to place malware in the torrents we distribute. We also have to watch for representatives from the DMCA injecting trackers in our torrents to help fuel their copyright crusade.
We hope that our site feels easy to use and that we have helped create your newest torrent download site. Enjoy our downloads and go over to the contact page to let us know how you feel about our site!